Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Experimental validation of bridge damage detection method using rotation measurements

Hello Everybody,

I carried out experimental studies in collaboration with a research group at Kyoto University, in an attempt to validate a newly developed bridge condition assessment methodology. The test is performed at the Structures Laboratory on a 5.6 metre long simply supported bridge structure at Kyoto University. Figure 1 shows the test structure.

Figure 1. Test Structure

The test structure is stiffened at various locations by attaching steel plates on the girder flanges and response of the structure to a moving 4-axle vehicle is measured using QA-750 uniaxial accelerometers. Subsequently, developed bridge condition assessment algorithm is applied to validate the robustness of the methodology.

Figure 2. Four-axle vehicle model

Figure 3. Inclinometer attached at the support location

Figure 4. Stiffening plate attached at midspan location

The results obtained from the study prove that the developed methodology successfully identifies stiffening locations and it is a promising tool for real bridge condition assessment applications. As a future work, it is planned to validate the procedure on a full-scale railway bridge structure.

Whilst in Kyoto I also had a chance to go for sightseeing and take some nice pictures

View from Nijo Castle